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Written by Sarah Hardey

Social Media don’ts…As I briefly stated in my 1st blog, “Social Media is a Tool,” everything that you post stays on the Internet forever. Once you share, post, upload, email, message, tweet something, it stays floating around the web forever. I know a few of you are thinking,  “I’ll just go back and delete it,” but the thing is, that no matter if you have the original, somewhere on the web a 100% identical copy is floating around and it will never be found nor deleted entirely. I know a few of you are semi-freaking out; it’s a little nerve racking for those of us who have posted something that we would never want our future boss, professor, or parents to see. I’m guilty of that, too, so you are not alone. The question is how do you avoid this from happening to you and, if it has happened, how can you fix it before it destroys any chance you might have had.

Consider this:  Your friend tagged you in a really bad photo, providing enough evidence that you were at a party — a party that involved alcohol and you are only 18, which is under the legal Texas Drinking age. Right now you may be excited that you were at the ‘popular girl’s’ party, suggesting that you are also ‘popular.’ But what will happen in 6 months, a year, or more, and you have multiple images like this that can be viewed by anyone online? Your future employer may have your resume, be excited about what a great fit you are for the company, and then WHAM not hire you because of the person your Facebook makes you look like. I’ll tell you that they will not hire you and I wouldn’t either. Now what can you do?

  1. Untag yourself from all images that make you look negative from the perspective of your parents, teachers, or bosses.
  2. Change your privacy settings. You can do many different things, but I would suggest having all tags be approved by you before they go public, and to keep all of your information private (not public, that includes posts as well).
  3.  Never use the same email that you have for your Facebook on your resume. Use different email addresses so searching for you by email is harder to do.

There are a few don’ts that I hope everyone applies to their daily lives. I’ll start with the most popular one, Sexting.  For those that have done it, it can be fun and exciting between you and your significant other, but it only takes one accidental post, text, tweet and everything goes downhill (I recommend you read this like by John Blaise). Take U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, the most recent public icon to fall into the trap of sexting. He tweeted a sexual photo of himself, intended for a private conversation, but it was posted publicly to everyone! He still hasn’t recovered from this incident and I don’t think he ever will. It has damaged his image personally, emotionally, and professionally.

More articles about Sexting:

Now I want you play a game with me. You may have played this with someone else before, but why not do it again? I want you to go to your favorite search engine and search for me, Sarah Hardey. What can you find out about me? Are the things you find giving me a positive image? What can you learn about me that you may now learn by reading my resume? (Feel free to leave comments with your findings).

 I suggest that you play this game with yourself and you friends on a regular basis. Search yourself; pretend you are your boss. If you find something that you wouldn’t want your boss to read then find a way to get rid of it. If you search yourself and NOTHING pops up, you really need to work on your online presence. We need to know you are ‘real’ and that you exist.
We’ll talk more about our online presence next week.

About Sarah_h12

I'm the Social Media Director for EverGreen Carbon as well as an EMAC (Emerging Media and Communication) Student at UT Dallas. Follow me on Twitter: @s_hardey

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