Your Decision, Prt. 1

Sex: Do I proceed or hold back?


Writer/Blogger Cameron Callucci Written by Cameron Gallucci

In previous posts my fellow blogger Daniel Casiilas talked about the importance of using condoms as a means for safe sex. I would like to point out an even safer option: abstinence. There’s nothing weird or uptight in choosing abstinence-  it’s as natural as choosing to use a condom or a contraceptive. It’s about what you want for your body, your mind, and your life. In today’s culture it seems as if sex is everywhere, which can make it more difficult to wait until you are ready. Deciding to become sexually active is a personal choice and it is important to self-reflect before discussing your reasons with your partner. Follow this link and you’ll see that people who choose to refrain from sex are not ugly geeks or social outcasts. Read their stories. They’re just like you and me.

Clear and honest communication is the key to becoming informed and making the right decision. Make the decision that is right for you, that will strengthen your relationship in the long-term instead of weakening its odds of survival. And don’t ignore the emotional side of it- when there’s intercourse an emotional bond takes place. Your heart’s not synthetic-  if that bond gets broken the damage will hurt. Every person has a different definition of abstinence. Many sexual activities won’t result in pregnancy, but they are still considered an act of intimacy. A number of these acts can also result in disease. The risks depend on your personal limits. Pure abstinence is a guaranteed safeguard but it is often easier said than done.

Young people, especially find the drive of hormones and curiosity difficult to overcome. If you want to practice abstinence, try avoiding high-pressure situations like empty dorm rooms and intoxicated parties. There are many pressures in society that make it difficult to abstain from sex. Do your best to surround yourself with people of similar values, or at the least, have a respect for yours. Though it will be hard, you may find that abstinence is far more rewarding than the allure of a brief fling.

Remaining abstinent does not mean you must ignore or suppress your feelings, it’s simply about finding different ways to express them. You can still be emotionally and physically intimate with your partner while refraining from intercourse. In fact, exploring different ways to bring sensual pleasure without intercourse can not only help couples become more intimate, but it can help you learn more about yourself (ding, ding, masturbation). In the long-run abstinence can encourage people to build stronger relationships in other ways, which will only heighten you and your partner’s physical exchange if and when the time is right.

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