Your Decision, Prt. 2

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Sex: Do I proceed or hold back?

Cameron Gallucci - BloggerWritten By Cameron Gallucci

As I mentioned in Part 1, sex is not a requirement for reaching your hormonal heights. Don’t confuse sex with intimacy. One is hormones and the other is feelings. While sex achieves certain levels of physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is a much more vital element to healthy relationships and in reaching full sexual satisfaction, so build a bond first. And let’s just say this, if emotional intimacy is not the foundation for your physical intercourse the odds of fulfilling your fantasies beyond the humdrum basics are going to be low. This is especially true if you’ve reached emotional heights in the past. Feelings really do make a difference.

When you are feeling close to another person, it probably seems natural to progress from hugging and kissing to sexual intercourse. Many people use sexual activity and intercourse as a way to express tenderness and love. However, emotional affection can also be expressed in alternate ways, and this can circumvent many of the risks associated with sex. Enjoy a walk on the beach, a romantic dinner, or just private time for two.

Refraining from sexual activity doesn’t mean that you aren’t interested in expressing affection for your loved one. Abstinence can actually open up opportunities to developing meaningful communication streams with your partner. Just make sure your partner is on the same page and understands that you are not pushing him or her away. Communicating with your partner clearly and honestly about what you are feeling, as well as taking things slowly, can make the experience better. Whatever you do, it’s important to make responsible choices. Educate yourself about your options and stay safe. It’s your body, your conscience, and your mind. The decision to have sex is entirely up to you.



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  1. I think more of our fellow youth (I’m 24) recognized some of the points you made, we would all be better off.

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