Do You Have an Online Presence?

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Written by Sarah Hardey

Online Presence? Why do I need one of those- — who cares! That’s what you may be thinking, but having a presence online is extremely important in today’s world. I still want you to focus on your future: finding that dream job after graduating college. We talked about how to protect your image online in my last blog “Social Media Don’ts,” and now I want to tell you the importance of your online presence.

In the future, by the time you graduate 2, 3, 4, 5+ years from now, you need to have proof that you are qualified for the job you seek . So you whip up a resume, double-check your spelling and dates, and print it out on nice paper (always print multiple copies). You then go to the interview, all dressed up and looking sharp, attempt to be yourself in the most polite and friendly manner, shake the interviewer’s hand, and then go home — crossing your fingers and hoping that you will get a call back. Do you ever wonder what they are doing during the “wait time” before calling you back? They are doing their own research on you: Googling you, checking out your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and anything else they can find!

Remember the game I asked you to play at the bottom of my “Social Media Don’ts” blog? That is exactly what an employer is going to do to you. The writers at say an “employer may be impressed with your image and professional history they may find on LinkedIn, [but] they may be turned-off by…” your vulgar Facebook status or half nude photos. Most companies judge you by what they find online; what you do, say, and look like online is the truth, and what you said and displayed to them during a face-to-face interview was just an act.

Additional articles about the importance of Online Presence:

Having a good online presence isn’t just for a future job; your professors and teachers can do a search on you, too. Your information, for the most part, is public, therefore, he/she can Google you. Now, if you are friends with or follow any of your professors on Twitter, like I mentioned in “Tweet Tweet“, they can see even more of your information. You could say you’re “sick” and miss class, but if you post a photo on Twitter or Facebook of the crazy roller-coaster you just rode, then your “sick” cover is blown. This is something Dr. Janet Johnson reminded my class about last semester.

You need to be carefully aware of what you’re posting — is it “public” or “private,” and does ‘private’ really mean that it is private?

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