I’m Curious For You: Safer Sex for Lesbians

Symbol for lesbians and female homosexuality. ...

Symbol for lesbians and female homosexuality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel Casillas - Blogger, Sex-Ed, looking down wearing a purple shirt Written by Daniel Casiilas

Up to this point, you have read a lot from me and other bloggers about the do’s and don’ts of practicing safe sex and all usually in the context of straight men and women and/or men loving men.  What about safe sex for “lady loving ladies?”  While it is accurate to say that lesbians are an extremely low risk group for contracting or transmitting HIV and STIs (female to female), it doesn’t preclude them from the fact that they could still become infected. So, from the lyrics from Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’,I’m curious for you.”  I’m curious enough for you to share with our lady loving ladies tips for practicing safer sex. Tip #1:  Know your status!  You’ve read this before and you’ve read it again.  The number one first line of protection is knowing your status for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI).  Once you know your status, insist your partner(s) get tested and screened, too. Tip #2:  Put a barrier between your lips and hers (and I don’t mean kissing).  Even though oral sex is a low risk for getting HIV it can still lead to receiving/spreading other sexually transmitted infections.  A dental dam is the  barrier that I am referring to.  Dental dams are latex squares used during oral-vaginal and oral-anal sex (ideal for men loving men sex too!).  Dental dams are awkward and almost unheard of by most sexually active people, but they’re effective in reducing your risks for HIV and other STIs. Tip #3: For crying out loud, if you share your toys be sure to clean and cover them before returning them to the toy box (mom?).  Toys such as dildos, vibrators, and other stimulating devices should always be covered with a latex barrier.  Ideally, using a latex condom  to cover the toy will help to prevent getting or spreading STIs.  Remember to use a new condom each time the toy switches hands/users.  Also, remember to clean your toys after use.  Most sexual toys will provide you with instructions (not only how to use it) on how to care for your device. Tip #4:  This tip is from Yahoo! Voices: Avoid sex when your partner is on her period.  Infections can travel through blood-to-skin contact.  Opt for other sexual activities that do not involve direct genital contact like toys, vibrators, or other sensual and stimulating activities. Finally, for all of our readers — regardless if you are lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, try-sexual, or questioning — safer sex doesn’t mean boring sex.  Make safer sex sexy! Take time to talk with your partner(s) about safer sex. Take every opportunity to explore and experiment with ways that can both stimulate your mind and body and can be done safely. Remember that safer sex means you care about yourself and your partner(s).

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