About Us

So Who Are We?

We’re Not Idiots is here to assist  18-23 year-old young adults who are further exploring the realms of independence. Whether immediately entering the work force or pursuing a college degree, there exists a range of similar difficulties and societal frustrations that are unique to the one-time transitional stage into young adulthood. Though there is a vast generational stretch among us, all of our members have experienced the exit & enter phase firsthand at some point in our lives. Our purpose is to provide a fresh perspective on the issues that affect transitions into post-adolescent lifestages.  Our four writers, because of personal experiences, are able to fill a void that many professional sites seem to miss. Our ultimate goal is to address issues that speak directly to our readers, as a Pinterest of topics that affect post-adolescents.

Topics we deem relevant are academic and occupational preparation, social media networks, fitness and nutrition, sexual awareness, and mental health. The title of our blog, “We’re Not Idiots”, was chosen by our group for two reasons. We believe that, in contrast to the more serious tone found in many blogs that address the challenges of young adulthood, amusement is a nice change of course. The second reason was to emphasize the collective knowledge and cognitive power of 18-23 year old readers;  young adults  are often underestimated and judged more on what they don’t know, as opposed to what they do know, about everyday life. With our perspectives on issues that young men and women face daily, we want to lightheartedly demonstrate that we respect what our readers already bring to the table.

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 Daniel Casillas
– Sexual Awareness-
Addressing all the questions you want answered with a positive attitude and accurate information.

Jay Ray

– Fitness & Nutrition –
Sharing great ways to live a physically healthy lifestyle while busy with college.

Sarah Hardey

– Social Media –
Exploring new ideas of how to get the most out of social media and making connections that will boost your future success.

Cameron Gallucci

– Psyche –
Covering tricks that keep your stress levels low and outlook high so you can better succeed!


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