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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Courtesy of Power Point Backgrounds

Written by Cameron Galluci

Ok, my friends, this is my last post for We’re Not Idiots. As we bid our final farewell, I find myself asking these questions: Would my posts  have gained a stronger following if I was more committed to Twitter? Could I have applied for that internship if I was better versed in html coding? Should I have bought the rights to this blog? These questions remain unanswered and, to be honest, their answers don’t matter anyway. What I woulda, coulda, or shoulda done yesterday isn’t going to change where I am today.

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Top 10 Ways To Ace a Test

It's Test Time....Let's have a nervous breakdown

It’s Test Time….Let’s have a nervous breakdown

Writer/Blogger Cameron CallucciWritten by Cameron Gallucci

Alrighty, we’ve already covered how to positively present yourself during nerve-racking interviews, so now we’re going to talk about another nail biter- those oh-so wonderful things called exams. It’s the same case circumstance every time- you’ve put forth the effort, studied hard, and know every answer until you pick up your pen. A significant number of people study and participate in class but anxiety still gets the best of them. It’s frustrating to learn the material, study long and hard, and then under-perform on a test due to excessive anxiety. Are you looking for possible solutions to this recurring, brain-draining scenario?

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You Are What You Eat

Foood Glorious Foood!

Writer/Blogger Cameron CallucciWritten by  Cameron Gallucci

Are you giddy or anxious?  My buddy Jay has consistently yammered on about reasons to change your diet for the sake of physical well-being and today I’m going to give you one more reason: your mood.

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Transcendence and Echoes

Sequence of a runner disappearing in to the distance

Photo by Jay Ray

Written by Jay Ray

Oh, the rose-colored glasses and euphoric recall through which people “remember” their youth: those magical late teen and early twenties years when abandon was without consequence and limitless energy abounded. Nonsense. I remember something different; I remember being confronted with tough choices and, when weighing positives and negatives, thinking: how much is this going to hurt? In most cases, the pain for gain was easy enough to equate. For the independence afforded by an apartment, I had to suck it up and pull double shifts waiting tables. The demands of college courses required the discipline to sometimes forgo the lure of social joviality. The lure of social joviality sometimes resulted in the agony of hangovers and/or sleep deprivation that was compounded by the looming responsibilities of school and work. I understood the motivations, rewards, and consequences of my decisions — but clarity amidst tumultuous times would have benefited my decision making skills. The difficulty of convincing already busy/overwhelmed people to endeavor in physical fitness is that the motivations and rewards are often misunderstood.

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