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Woman in tank grabbing her male partner's crotch

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Written by Daniel Casillas

It’s a Sunday night and I’m watching the third episode of HBO’s Girls.  The main character, Hannah Horvath, plays a corky, intelligent young unemployed writer in New York City.  Interestingly enough, in this episode, Hannah gets a call from her gynecologist informing her that she has HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).  Faced with this unexpected news (considering her doctor visit was to rule out HIV), Hannah confronts her cute jerk of a sex partner and arbitrarily accuses him of giving it to her.

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Aww Shucks, you shouldn’t have…

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women's Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel Casillas - Blogger

Written by Daniel Casiilas

“Aww shucks, you shouldn’t have; really there was no need,” is probably one of the most used lines when we get a gift that we don’t like, won’t use, or have no clue of what to do with it.  To be polite, we accept the gift, all the while thinking: “What were they thinking”.  The next thing we do is scan the box for the gift receipt.  For some of us, with courteous friends, a gift receipt means we’ll be able to return the item and exchange it or get the cash.  For the unlucky ones stuck with a gift because there’s no gift receipt, we do the next best thing: RE-GIFT.

Imagine having to use the same line when you learn that the person you had sex with  last night or last week left you with a gift.  Except the gift isn’t a brilliant red rose, a box of chocolates, or their phone number, but an uncomfortable itchy rash, an unusual group of bumps on or near your junk, a cold sore — or, as in the case of Charlotte York, in a scene from the popular HBO show Sex and City, pubic lice (a.k.a crabs).

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