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YouTube – Last Blog


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Written, Produced and Featuring Sarah Hardey

That about sums it up!
I hope you all enjoyed reading/watching my blogs this semester. If you have any questions and/or comments, don’t be afraid to ask via Twitter, Facebook, Linkekin, and, of course, WordPress.

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Sarah’s Last Social Media Blog

Remember to advertise yourself, be positive, prove that you are worthy and right for the job,
and have fun!

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Socialnomics – Social Media Revolution!

Quote from Erik Qualman, Author of "Socailnomics"

Photo of Sarah Hardey - Blogger

Written by Sarah Hardey

So, I have been thinking: why does our generation use social media? Why are college students so addicted to sharing, reading, writing, posting, viewing, advertising, exploring, buying, and building virtually? What is the Social Media Revolution? I realized that I haven’t really emphasized how big of a deal social media is to our culture and way of living, how it can make the best and biggest impression, and even more, the expansions we have gained by using it. Read the rest of this entry

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