Top 10 Ways To Ace a Test

It's Test Time....Let's have a nervous breakdown

It’s Test Time….Let’s have a nervous breakdown

Writer/Blogger Cameron CallucciWritten by Cameron Gallucci

Alrighty, we’ve already covered how to positively present yourself during nerve-racking interviews, so now we’re going to talk about another nail biter- those oh-so wonderful things called exams. It’s the same case circumstance every time- you’ve put forth the effort, studied hard, and know every answer until you pick up your pen. A significant number of people study and participate in class but anxiety still gets the best of them. It’s frustrating to learn the material, study long and hard, and then under-perform on a test due to excessive anxiety. Are you looking for possible solutions to this recurring, brain-draining scenario?

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Myths and Follies of Working Out (Discouraged and Debunked!)

Weight lifter with chicken legs and counting off reps.

The Chicken Leg Creature
Derivative by Jay Ray

Written by Jay Ray

There’s a good chance that what you think you know about working out is wrong. It’s not your fault; many of these misconceptions have been passed along by coaches, workout buddies, or are just so entrenched as “common knowledge” that they are taken on faith. A lot of it is just bad advice and myths. Now, we go to school.

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Play With Them If You Got’em

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Daniel Casillas - Blogger, Sex-Ed, looking down wearing a purple shirt

Written by Daniel Casillas

April 1-7 was Testicular Cancer Awareness week in the United States — yes, I know I’m two weeks late.  Regardless, I feel it is still important to bring to your attention a health issue that affects young men between the ages of 15 and 34.  Yes, I did say men as young as 15.  While the thought of testicular cancer may be furthest from your mind, given other priorities in your life (e.g., tuition, dorm life, sex life, party life), it really is — when you think about it — just a hand tug away.

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