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Social Media Don’ts

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Written by Sarah Hardey

Social Media don’ts…As I briefly stated in my 1st blog, “Social Media is a Tool,” everything that you post stays on the Internet forever. Once you share, post, upload, email, message, tweet something, it stays floating around the web forever. I know a few of you are thinking,  “I’ll just go back and delete it,” but the thing is, that no matter if you have the original, somewhere on the web a 100% identical copy is floating around and it will never be found nor deleted entirely. I know a few of you are semi-freaking out; it’s a little nerve racking for those of us who have posted something that we would never want our future boss, professor, or parents to see. I’m guilty of that, too, so you are not alone. The question is how do you avoid this from happening to you and, if it has happened, how can you fix it before it destroys any chance you might have had.

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