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That about sums it up!
I hope you all enjoyed reading/watching my blogs this semester. If you have any questions and/or comments, don’t be afraid to ask via Twitter, Facebook, Linkekin, and, of course, WordPress.

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Remember to advertise yourself, be positive, prove that you are worthy and right for the job,
and have fun!

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Lame Excuses for Not Wearing a Condom

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Old excuses are inexcusable

Daniel Casillas - Blogger, Sex-Ed, looking down wearing a purple shirtWritten by Daniel Casiilas

I have worked in the HIV/STD field for nearly 13 years and I have heard it all when it comes to the excuses people will use to wiggle out of not using a latex barrier.  Men and women, young and old, gay, straight, bisexual, and tri-sexual all have made up excuses for not using a protection.  I have no doubt that, at some point in your sexual life, you may find yourself face-to-face with some of these excuses and/or have heard someone talk about their experience.  Check out this short list:

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Your Decision, Prt. 2

A female (Cameron) with 'Good' on one sholder 'Bad' on the other

Sex: Do I proceed or hold back?

Cameron Gallucci - BloggerWritten By Cameron Gallucci

As I mentioned in Part 1, sex is not a requirement for reaching your hormonal heights. Don’t confuse sex with intimacy. One is hormones and the other is feelings. While sex achieves certain levels of physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is a much more vital element to healthy relationships and in reaching full sexual satisfaction, so build a bond first. And let’s just say this, if emotional intimacy is not the foundation for your physical intercourse the odds of fulfilling your fantasies beyond the humdrum basics are going to be low. This is especially true if you’ve reached emotional heights in the past. Feelings really do make a difference.

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Photo of Sarah Hardey - Blogger

Written by Sarah Hardey (@s_hardey)

Do you have a question? Raise your hand and ask! No? What are you afraid of?
When you go to class do you see your professor as a contact? Well you should. Most college professors have worked in the field they teach in; if not, they know a few people who do. This is a great benefit for you now and in the future.

For right now, your first year in college, you may feel a little timid to go up and talk to your professor before or after class. We need to break that habit! Professors are people and, for the most part. they love to answer your questions. They are here to help you, guide you – that’s what they get paid for.

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