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The Not Idiots Guide to Nutrition (Complex Advice Made Simple)

The Thinker holding a book about Complex Carbohydrates

Derivative by Jay Ray

Written by Jay Ray

In past blogs, I have discussed the importance of protein consumption for maximizing the results of working out, and my friend and colleague, Cameron, has pointed out how food can affect moods. Now, the focus turns to how inexpensive household food staples can synchronize the body to best respond to exercise and then maintain the rewards.

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Choice Over Abstinence (Don’t get so excited — I’m talking about food)

How do I stay away?

Written by Jay Ray

A food craving lasts between four and twelve minutes — at least that is the general consensus (minus any scientific method) of sites I have visited in search of physiological actualities behind the duration of food cravings. In fact, the only science I found was on sites concerning eating disorders; I want to address something else entirely. I suggest that we all have an eating disorder. And I also think that most of us should, and can, eat what we want — as long as we are rational (pardon the pun, nyuk nyuk) about it.

Now, I wouldn’t encourage a person who struggles with a clinical eating disorder to follow my advice any more than I would offer an alcoholic an open bar — or one beer, for that matter. But for the average eater, there is either a lack of awareness/concern or hypervigilance concerning the food we do or don’t eat. While the former might be symptomatic of the wonderful, cavalier brazenness of youth, the latter is more like sabotage; to attempt to abstain from something as morally innocuous as food is to only set oneself up for an almost certain binge, which does more damage than periodic enjoyment. In a battle of wills when there is only one will involved (yours) vs. something you enjoy — how can you win that war?

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