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Woman in tank grabbing her male partner's crotch

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Written by Daniel Casillas

It’s a Sunday night and I’m watching the third episode of HBO’s Girls.  The main character, Hannah Horvath, plays a corky, intelligent young unemployed writer in New York City.  Interestingly enough, in this episode, Hannah gets a call from her gynecologist informing her that she has HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).  Faced with this unexpected news (considering her doctor visit was to rule out HIV), Hannah confronts her cute jerk of a sex partner and arbitrarily accuses him of giving it to her.

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I’m Curious For You: Safer Sex for Lesbians

Symbol for lesbians and female homosexuality. ...

Symbol for lesbians and female homosexuality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel Casillas - Blogger, Sex-Ed, looking down wearing a purple shirt Written by Daniel Casiilas

Up to this point, you have read a lot from me and other bloggers about the do’s and don’ts of practicing safe sex and all usually in the context of straight men and women and/or men loving men.  What about safe sex for “lady loving ladies?”  While it is accurate to say that lesbians are an extremely low risk group for contracting or transmitting HIV and STIs (female to female), it doesn’t preclude them from the fact that they could still become infected. Read the rest of this entry

Your Decision, Prt. 2

A female (Cameron) with 'Good' on one sholder 'Bad' on the other

Sex: Do I proceed or hold back?

Cameron Gallucci - BloggerWritten By Cameron Gallucci

As I mentioned in Part 1, sex is not a requirement for reaching your hormonal heights. Don’t confuse sex with intimacy. One is hormones and the other is feelings. While sex achieves certain levels of physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is a much more vital element to healthy relationships and in reaching full sexual satisfaction, so build a bond first. And let’s just say this, if emotional intimacy is not the foundation for your physical intercourse the odds of fulfilling your fantasies beyond the humdrum basics are going to be low. This is especially true if you’ve reached emotional heights in the past. Feelings really do make a difference.

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Your Decision, Prt. 1

Sex: Do I proceed or hold back?


Writer/Blogger Cameron Callucci Written by Cameron Gallucci

In previous posts my fellow blogger Daniel Casiilas talked about the importance of using condoms as a means for safe sex. I would like to point out an even safer option: abstinence. There’s nothing weird or uptight in choosing abstinence-  it’s as natural as choosing to use a condom or a contraceptive. It’s about what you want for your body, your mind, and your life. In today’s culture it seems as if sex is everywhere, which can make it more difficult to wait until you are ready. Deciding to become sexually active is a personal choice and it is important to self-reflect before discussing your reasons with your partner. Follow this link and you’ll see that people who choose to refrain from sex are not ugly geeks or social outcasts. Read their stories. They’re just like you and me.

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